Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment

Tonaf GmbH can distribute high quality solutions for a wide rangeof application in the Sulfuric Acid industry.


  • Anodically protectedshell and tube acid coolers
  • Gas-gas heat exchangers
  • Drying andabsorption acid towers and tanks
  • Acid Tower Troughand Pipe Distributors
  • Ceramic Packing

Tonaf can alsodistribute products made of strong acid corrosion resistant silicon steel.This high silicon austenitic stainless steel has found applications in allareas of strong acid handling and storage, including:

  • Acid distributors –pipe type and trough type
  • Absorption towersand tanks
  • Acid piping
  • Acid filters
  • Acid coolers

Our world-class gascleaning products control air emissions for the Sulfuric Acid industry,through: